• Welcome, Visionary!

    My name is Alina.

    I’m on a mission to transform your scattered niche into a clear & aligned brand!

  • A clear & aligned brand will kaboom your credibility.

    Here’s the thing. You’re amazing and multitalented, yes. But you are also a business owner! Without a clear and compelling message that is consistent across all platforms, you do not have a business, you have a hobby!

    You don’t have to sacrifice your freedom for your business.
    You don’t have to leave pieces of you behind.
    You don’t have to copy the successful people you admire.
    Your business is your chance to be fully YOU, integrated!

    Instead of feeling scattered, overextended and exhausted, you’ll get to have a core message and identity you wrap yourself around so that your mind relaxes and you can be more present with your clients.

    When you are free from distraction, worry and anxiety, when you stand in the center of your truth, you are the most magnetic being imaginable.

    People don’t just want to be your friend and get everything for free or little, they are ready to sign up to work with you because you mean BUSINESS. They find your charm and clarity unique and irresistible, and they pay PREMIUM prices to bask in it.

    You’ve got time and money to take care of your body.
    You can focus on what’s most important to you.
    Phew, you can finally feel at home in your business!

  • Now you probably want to get to know ME

  • Seven years ago I left my job and plunged head first into building a coaching business with no marketing or sales knowledge whatsoever. I was going to help people heal and let go of stories of "not-enough’ness". With a coaching certification under my belt and LOTS of talents, I was convinced I was meant for greatness, and felt invincible.

    Three years later, I was deeply in debt, with only a few clients to speak of, energetically spread out into a million pieces and wondering whether my talents were only a figure of my imagination. I had lost my rent-controlled apartment and started avoiding my friends and family because I felt too much shame when asked how business was going and saw the disapproving look in their eyes. I soon found myself alone, depressed and convinced the world did not want what I had. That took me down a spiral to serious illness and financial strain.

    I know what it’s like to burn out and lose my joy. And I don’t want that to happen to you!

    I’ve been in many business programs that help practitioners find their niche, and saw that the practitioners who struggle the most to find their brand are also the most multi-talented. This is so unfortunate! Because the truth is - if you don’t have a clear and compelling brand that fully represents you and fills you up with joy, you arrive at your selling conversations with your energy scattered, and your potential clients don’t fully trust you.

    I'm on a mission to change that. Because I know for me, once I found the right support and defined my true brand, I instantly felt stronger, energized and confident in raising my prices.

    I want that for you, too!

  • Who do I work with?

    My ideal client is a curious, adventurous, bold, strong-willed, enthusiastic and multi-talented visionary who understands the value of having a clear and compelling brand. I work with coaches, wellness practitioners and other agents of transformation who are passionate about shifting consciousness on this planet.

  • We’ll be a great fit if…

    • You know you are multitalented and you call yourself spiritual.
    • You find yourself distracted all the time, running from one shiny object to the next, getting very little done.
    • There are too many people in your life all wanting a piece of you and you have a hard time saying "No".
    • Your energy and vitality is important to you, and you fear that if you don’t “get it together” soon, your body may collapse.
    • You are not willing to copy someone else in order to have a successful business, you want to be you. PERIOD!
    • You already have clients who are paying you measly rates, and you have not been able to increase your prices or sell high-end programs.
    • You appreciate a coach who organizes you, asks you difficult questions and is willing to go with you to the deepest parts of your unconscious.
  • What sets my coaching apart?

    Yes, branding includes logos and colors and beautiful pictures. It showcases your business in a multi-sensory way. But in order to arrive at that, good branding that sticks always needs to start with DEEP SOUL DIGGING to find the core of who you are and what motivates what you are doing.

    Through the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship, we often forget why we started our business in the first place. To reconnect with the truth, the desire and the passion inside of us can be incredibly energizing and transforming. To me, branding or re-branding is FALLING IN LOVE AGAIN with your business and your ideal clients.

    Often times, the parts of us that have been hurt need to be healed in order for you and your brand to be fully integrated. That is when my energy healing background comes in handy, to RECOVER THE LOST PARTS OF YOUR SOUL so they can come back, join the team and play with us.

  • How I work

    I organize you, but I also want you unleashed.

    I challenge you, and I also hold the most fragile parts of you in compassion.

    I am willing and able to go with you as deep as you want to go, and be with you as wide as you want to be.

    In a clear, focused way, with style (of course).

  • My Experience

    • I have a BA in psychology, an MA in Communication Disorders and over 15 years combined experience in authentic communication and identity shifting.
    • I hold a coaching certification from the Robbins Madanes Institute, where I learned neurolinguistic programming from Tony Robbins.
    • I am a minister of the Church of Natural Grace trained in grounded meditation, psychic reading and energy healing.
    • I am certified in a transformative bodywork modality that releases emotional blocks from the body, called Zen Bodytherapy.
    • I’ve invested hundreds of hours and over $400,000 in my own training and personal development so that I’m up-to-date and always improving myself and what I offer.
  • Fun Random Facts

    • I am a semi-professional dancer.
    • I have been trained in internal martial arts.
    • I like dark chocolate.
    • I was born and raised in Romania.
    • I speak three languages fluently.
    • I am an Enneagram type 8 with a 7 wing, which means I dream big, I challenge the status quo, and I love leading people to their greatness.
    • I am passionate about authentic communication and non-violent communication.
    • I helped my boyfriend lose 40 lb in 4 weeks with energy work (it freaked out a few people in his life).
  • Alina is sharp and clear. She cuts through your inner doubts and confusion about your business and helps you create a solid step-by-step plan to grow in a positive direction. Like many healing-arts professionals, I was super passionate about my modality, but lost in terms of my business strategy and marketing. In just a couple of sessions Alina had helped me improve my website, marketing, copywriting, and my overall understanding of what my business does, who it serves, and how to grow it from where it is now to where I want it to be. I highly recommend Alina to any health and wellness professional looking to improve their business!

    Nick Loffree

  • I have been trying to see myself clearly as a practitioner for many years to no avail, and Alina helped me dial in my essence and put it on paper as my own signature in one month. Alina is not only a gifted copywriter. Her sensitivity, efficiency and systematic guided conversations allows her to channel into words your business fingerprint! Professional, sharp and on point. I highly recommend her.

    Hadas Av-Gay Tsabari

  • There is so much that is helpful about working with Alina Mihai - her ability to celebrate my strengths, her grace in pointing out my areas for growth, and, most importantly, her honoring of my vision and voice for my business. Alina dropped a big, juicy piece of wisdom that i was finally able to hear that is going to transform my business. She was clear and specific so that i feel fully capable about creating this big change in my brand. I appreciate her integrity, her confidence, and her depth of knowledge. I trust her completely to support my transformation in growing my avocation from a side-gig to the very center of my life.

    Allyson Seal